We realize precision investment castings for different sectors in the industrial field by using a wide range of materials, carbon Steels, High alloy Steels, stainless Steel and Magnesium AZ91 homogenized.

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Bronzi di Riace

The history

... without a doubt it is the most ancient method of casting, its origins date back to several millennia.
The process “investment casting” spread all over the world, traces are evidence of its use already around 4.000 B.C. and this method made its appearance in the Mediterranean area at the time of the ancient pre-Hellenic civilizations.
Investment casting foundries reached vertices of great interest during the period of Magna Greece; the valuable works of that documented period are expressive testimony of it, including the finding of “Riace Bronzes”.

Precision Investment Castings

The process reached its maximum vitality during the Italian Renaissance with the realization of many works of art, in this respect we remember the prominent personality of Benvenuto Cellini with his “Perseus with the head of Medusa”.
The continuous research and the technological evolution together with the pressing industrial development in new sectors of activities such as automotive, plane-space, bio-medical, and other interesting sectoral initiatives have allowed us to bring again in modern version a process of avant-garde “casting”.
The use of new metal alloys with high technological characteristics, like stainless steel,  nickel / cobalt and titanium-based super-alloys, etc., have allowed new horizons to “Precision Investment Castings Process”. 


Le ampie possibilità di progettazione

The wide possibilities of planning

From previous described information and historical mentions it is easy to deduce the reasons that have led to the development of “FOUNDRY OF PRECISION INVESTMENT CASTING” for the solution of problems connected with the realization of machine components or mechanical complex in general, especially when we are searching for a production of precision castings with high technological-performance quality with the use of special alloys as well.
Realization of castings having a complex geometric shape, even small weight.
The precision casting process reserves to the designer greater opportunities for realizing complex functional shapes.
Moreover it is possible to produce castings with details of figures such as: brand name in relief and in low relief.

Rapid Prototyping

In the last ten years a new and very interesting technique took shape which, thanks to its integration with the sector of precision casting, had a positive influence in the realization of prototypes and of small series of mechanical components.

The RAPID PROTOTYPING permits to obtain a “solid prototype”. It is enough to have a 3D drawing and its mathematical model (STL format) interfaced with the RAPID PROTOTYPING machine to allow you to get the prototype by deposit and thanks to the use of a laser and of some special powders (wax, photopolymers, and composite materials). Said prototype can be used for the direct experimentation and as a disposable model for the production of casting.


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