We realize precision investment castings for different sectors in the industrial field by using a wide range of materials, carbon Steels, High alloy Steels, stainless Steel and Magnesium AZ91 homogenized.

Steel and Special Alloys Investment Castings

With the process of “Investment Casting” it is possible to obtain castings of any kind of metal alloy, more suitable to the functional requirements and characteristics of the mechanical components.
The design engineer has, therefore, a wide availability to choose the most fit alloy, even if this one results to be difficult to undergo machining.


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We are a company formed by a team of technicians, whose main characteristic is “the experience” . Well-known and respected men in the market, in which they operate, are always engaged in improving the quality such as essential contribution which allows the company to distinguish itself in terms of technological evolution.

Precisioncast S.r.l. with the continuous and constant technical effort, besides being inserted in the Italian challenge within the European market, stands out certainly for the quality and uniqueness of the products produced with the process of "PRECISION INVESTMENT CASTING" and can be considered among the most reliable companies in the sector.

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